26 Oct 2019: Location villa: Sharing up to nude with Elina

start time: 11:00 o'clock

duration: 4 hours***

participants: maximum 4

shooting styles: up to nude

price: €119.00**

Where: Mühlheim an der Ruhr, Germany
exact adress: you'll receive with the booking confirmation

Für diese Shootings steht uns eine schön eingerichtete Wohnung in einer Villa zur Verfügung.
Natürlich bringen wir Studioblitztechnik und Lichtformer zur Location mit.

Getränke können zu gastronomieüblichen Preisen bestellt werden.

Fotos von der Location:

Fotos von Elina:

Vielen Dank an Elina für die Zurverfügungstellung ihrer Fotos.

The location offers a wide variety of backgrounds, so that you will create exciting pictures.

We help beginners of course enough, so that even with no studio experience you will get wonderful shooting results. So beginners are really welcome.

Of course also welcome are experienced photographers. There are great opportunities to shoot in the tastefully decorated location, gain more experience and meet other photographers, chat with them and see how they work.

Every participant gets enough time for shooting. No group shooting – just one photographer is shooting at the same time!

We offer an all inclusive package ! You can book absolutely easy the complete shooting with everything you need. We manage the complete organization: we choose a professional model, communicate with her all details about the shooting, the date and the time and the coordination of the shootings in our studio.

So you just need to book the shooting using our booking form. You just need to take your camera and come to the location at the appointed date and time.

Of course you receive a model release for the non-commercial rights on the pictures you made.

Booking form:

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** The price is composed of:

prorated modeling fee: 75 euro per participant – has to be paid directly to the model. This fee contains eventually prorated costs for traveling, accommodation, shooting trip organization etc. The model is responsible for the payment of tax for this amount.

location rental fee, using of the light equipment, and including organization of the model sharing: 44 euro per participant. This amount is an end price. According to §19 UStG we don't pay VAT and it's not on the invoice.

***The model sharing lasts 4 hours, if there are really four participants.
If there are less than four participants, then the sharing duration decreases according to the participants number, that means:
three participants – three hours,
two participants – two hours.